Viva espagna (Part II)

I went on a school trip to Sevilla, Spain the second weekend of March. We had to buy our own transportation there, so Cassie and I flew together and had a layover in Barcelona where we switched airports and got to be back in the city. It was really nice to have been there the weekend before just because we knew the city pretty well.

On Friday morning, we had a four-hour walking tour around Sevilla. We visited the Jewish quarters, the Spainish Cathedral, and Plaza de Espana. We went to Starbucks probably three times just in this day because we missed walking around with coffee cups. It sounds really sad, but I guess it’s the simple things in life that makes us happy.


The school provided dinner for us as well as a Flamenco show. It was sort of funny because they’re moves were so dramatic. It was very entertaining all in all.

On Saturday the school took a trip to Cordoba, but Cassie, Rachel, and I stayed to visit with Kelsey Cycan (my freshman roommate from LMU who transferred back to University of Maryland)! I was so excited to see her and she was able to show us around the city to all of her favorite places!

Kelsey took us down to the river where we drank Sangria in the sun and then took a paddleboat ride down the river. We went to a little restaurant for lunch and had Tapas. We took naps later that afternoon and met back up with Kelsey for dinner at a Japanese restaurant (because we could not eat any more tapas). Kelsey and I went to the local bar scene and had a mojito, but we didn’t stay for long because we were both so tired from a long week. It was so great to see her though!

On Sunday, Cassie and I left early out of Sevilla but had a long layover in Barcelona. It was really nice because we were able to go to MILK (our favorite brunch place in Barcelona)! It was a very exciting day because we then spent the afternoon at Starbucks with a coffee, free wifi, and comfortable couches to get some homework done.


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