Nice is Nice

The school had the final trip to Nice, France for the weekend of Easter. We took a bus so transportation was included which was really nice. It took seven hours to get from Florence to Nice, but it was fun because the GIF group has become so close.

Friday morning we had a three-hour walking tour through old town Nice. It was one of the best tours I have been on, mostly because the tour guide was really fun and everything he was telling us was interesting. We hiked through the local market, saw an old French palace, hiked to the top of the hill to get great views of the city, and ended in a big square (I forget the name). Our tour guide told us that the city is the least French like city in all of France. It has a big influence from Italy mostly in architecture and in the food. A lot of the buildings here have fake windows frescoed on to make the buildings look more balanced.

After the tour and lunch, most of us from the program went to the beach. It was SO cold and about twenty people got in the water, I do not know how they got in the water because it was literally freezing, and probably only 63 degrees out. We looked like the crazy Americans who don’t get to see water enough.

I also got to see Kelsey Cycan again! We just happened to be in the same town at the same time. We visited in the park and exchanged some more trip stories.

Friday night my dad showed up! It was so exciting! I tried to brag that I am really good at reading maps, and then of course I jinxed myself trying to find the parking garage. We went to a really cute restaurant on the main strip in Old Town and it was the first time I was legally drinking wine (US legal) with my dad.

On Saturday, my dad and I rented a moped and drove up the coast to Monaco. It was a windy day but such a beautiful coastline! I felt like I should’ve been in a James Bond Movie! We had lunch by the casino, walked around, and then headed back. For dinner, he took Carly, Cammy, Montana and me to dinner. We had a great time telling him stories about trips and what not.

On Easter Sunday, Faja and I had brunch at a little crepe café. We walked around the city to get some exercise and we checked out a few of the churches but they were packed! We ended up laying on the beach and getting the worst tan lines of our lives because we just layed in our clothes.Kate and Matt Munther showed up later that night…just in time for dinner! We went to the most amazing restaurant ever, everything had truffles!!!

On Monday, we took another stop in Monaco and then on to Florence. We hit four hours of traffic just getting to Genova so we stopped in Lucca for dinner at Buca di San Antonio. The best part was the wine tasted like butter! Oh and I had more truffles in a bowl of pasta…


Both on their phones….

Then they fell asleep….


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