Siena, San Gimaniagno, Cinque Terra, & Lucca

I apologize for being so far behind in blogging! Renie and Andrea arrived last week and between visitors and school it is hard to get blogging time in!

Last Tuesday, the three of us walked up to Piazza Michelangelo and got beautiful views of Florence!

Last Wednesday, they came with me on my school tour to the Pitti Palace. It was really fun, and they enjoyed saying they went to the Gonzaga University for a day!

Following the tour, we took a day trip to Siena and San Gimaniagno. We took the bus so it was sort of a rough drive but it was an adventure! We visited the Cathedral in Siena and the palace where they have the horse races.

In San Gimaniagno, we climbed up to the top of the tower and got beautiful views of the Tuscan hillsides! After our little bit of exercise, we thought it would be good to have some gelato! And we went to the best gelato place worldwide!

On Thursday, we headed up to the Cinque Terra. We stayed in Manarola for two nights, but were able to visit each of the five towns. The town that had been destroyed by the mudslide was very sad, however, was constantly being worked on. Due to rockslides, the only trail open was the love trail, so we got to be lazy and take the train from town to town.

Saturday morning we visited Ponte Venerre and walked up to the church. We had to take a bus here and it was quite an experience. We all felt a little sick from the driving and the fact that the bus was packed with people!

Saturday night we stayed in Lucca at Hotel Universo! We were able to do some shopping, eat dinner, and get gelato (where the owner made me speak Italian to him and it was a complete failure)!

On Sunday, Renie and I went to mass for Palm Sunday. We first went to Michele Church but there was a palm parade (even though we held olive branches) and we walked with the group to the Cathedral. It was a packed service because the Bishop was there giving mass. We barely understood anything but were able to follow because it was similar to most Catholic masses.

We ended up back in Florence Sunday afternoon with enough time for me to get some homework done!


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