!Hola Spagna ~ Barcelona!

A few weekends ago, my friends and I went to Barcelona. It was a really fun trip. There ended up being nearly 20 of us that went on the trip, so it was a little crazy at times. Carly, Tom and I ended up leaving the group to do our own things because it is so hard to get anything accomplished with 20 people in a big city.

On Thursday, we arrived in the afternoon and checked into our hostel. We then walked to a really good sandwich place where we had to wait in line for an hour but it was totally worth it. The sandwich place was near the beach so after we ate we walked to the beach. It was a beautiful beach, and I had no idea that Barcelona would’ve had such a thing. I felt like I was on vacation in Hawaii or something (except it was cold). Carly and I met up with a friend who we met in Morocco for dinner Thursday night. It was really fun to be able to catch up with her and getting some good tips on where to go, what to eat, and everything else in Barcelona.

On Friday, Carly, Tom, and I got up and went on a double-Decker bus through ALL of Barcelona. And when I say all, I mean all! We did both routes and got off at about half of them. It was really fun to be able to see the Sagrada Famiglia, the cathedral, the Olympic stadium, the port, Park Guelle, and much more!


On Saturday and Sunday morning we went to this amazing breakfast restaurant. I had the best eggs Florentine of my life! The owner started the restaurant with students studying abroad in mind who miss American big breakfasts, and it is amazing! We all visited the Picasso Museum after brunch. It was very interesting, however, there wasn’t any of his big works in this museum, but the history and development of Picasso was very interesting.


And I wonder why I am gaining weight (check next photo):

Saturday night, a group of us went to the Barcelona futbol game! It was so much fun. It sort of reminded me of an LSU football game, but there was a soccer field in the middle of the stadium. It was not as crazy as I imagined it to be but it was so much fun. And they won which always makes a sports event exciting!

Before flying out on Sunday morning before we flew out and after breakfast, we went and stalked the W hotel. It overlooked the beach and as always, there were green apples available!


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