My Nose is Hungarian

Last weekend I visited Budapest. It was a school trip, however, we all flew there and had met at the hotel. I flew with my roommate Montana, and we had a layover in Munich. It was really nice because we were able to get a large salad and carrot juice at the airport and it really started the weekend off right!

Our layover turned into a delayed flight, and thank goodness because a man started having a heart attack while we were waiting for the plane. If it had not been delayed we would’ve had to have to land between Munich and Budapest.

While waiting for the flight, I looked over and noticed this person standing to the side of me had a very similar nose shape as I do. I turned and looked around, and believe it or not, but EVERYONE had the same nose as me! I asked Montana to check and she was baffled that it was true! I have a Hungarian nose! I felt a connection to Hungry before I even landed…these were my people!


We made it into Budapest around 1am and took a cab to our hotel. The hotel ended up being a five star luxury hotel, The Corinthia Hotel. There was a buffet style breakfast, free wi-fi, a gym, and a spa we were allowed to use! It was heavenly! Especially when it was so cold outside (-6 Celsius)!! Basically, Hungry was very cheap.

On Friday we went on tours around the city. We saw churches and historic sites. It was really cold so I wasn’t able to obtain very much information, however, the architecture of the city was amazing!

We went to the House of Terror, which really wasn’t that scary. It was really scattered and jumped time periods, so it was hard to clearly understand what was going on. Basically, it was a museum about the communist government in Hungry and how Germany and the holocaust affected Hungry. We went to dinner with a group of students later that night, and I had the best meal since being abroad: grilled salmon over creamed spinach with mashed potatoes (only 10 euro)!!!!

On Saturday we continued tours and saw even more beautiful views of the city.  We visited the central market, which was really cool. It had food on the bottom floor, like fresh groceries, and lunch food and souvenirs up top. The place didn’t have any heat so we didn’t stay to long. We also decided to save money and walked back to our hotel. It was a thirty-minute walk and we couldn’t feel our limbs, but it was ok when we had the spa to go back to.

For dinner, the school had planned a cooking class for all the students on the trip. We made all sorts of Hungarian foods and each and every one of them was amazing!! We made goulash, garlic meat loaf with hard-boiled eggs, stuffed peppers, cherry creamed soup, creamy mushroom paprikish, chicken paprikish, apple struddle, and chocolate and vanilla sponge cake (sorry for the spelling errors). My friends and I were really worried there wouldn’t be enough food for everyone so we ran around the kitchen grabbing everything we could get onto two plates, wolfed the food down, went back for seconds, and did the same thing with the desert. Let’s just say we were all in a food coma the rest of the night. In order to save money we would stuff ourselves at breakfast and at dinner and eat fruit for lunch that we took from the morning buffet…it worked out pretty well.

Budapest was amazing! It was really cold, but completely worth the trip. The sites were beautiful and the history mind-blowing!  I would definitely make a trip back when it’s warmer, like late spring!


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