It’s snowing in Florence!

Hey everyone! I am so sorry that is has been forever since I last wrote! It has been crazy in Florence! Last week it started to snow in Florence! Yep, you heard me! It hasn’t snowed here in like 25 years, and of course it would happen while I am here! It started Tuesday night and is supposed to continue today.  None of the snow stuck in the city, but some classes did get canceled because professors who live in the countryside couldn’t make it in. Honestly, I would probably be excited if there weren’t high crisp winds that pierce your skin every time you step outdoors. And I also didn’t really come prepared for the snow. But that is ok!


On Thursday, I met up with a friend living in Florence. I’m not sure if any of you remember Viktoria, she was an exchange student from Sweden in high school and she is now going to interior design school in Florence. So I met up with her and she showed me the American places to eat, and the best gelato in town! It was really fun and nice to see a familiar face!


I didn’t end up traveling anywhere this weekend because we had a make-up class day on Friday. It was perfect because everything hit me this weekend. Literally, the time change, the traveling, the schoolwork, the pasta, etc it all came down on me. I have caught a minor cold but all I wanted to do was sleep. My roommates had the same situation, and we felt like we were in high school again sleeping the weekend away.


We did have to leave the pensione for dinner because we are not provided meals on the weekends. So we have a new favorite restaurant called Dante’s. It is awesome! The wine is free with dinner! I ordered gnocci con tartufo creama, it was heavenly! The place is pretty affordable so we ended up going there two nights in a row! I never thought I would live somewhere where the wine is free and water costs 1,50 euro!


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