English for Pasta

So there is this program through GIF that gives students and Italian families the opportunity to meet, practice English/Italian, and eat pasta! My friend Alicia and I decided to sign up and last night we went and met our new Italian family!

There are 3 children: Carolina (18), Leonardo (11), and Cosimo (10). Their house was on the other side of the train station, so we had a good walk to get there but it was well worth it. They live in a flat of an apartment building. Inside was enormous! The interior was also decorated very well. They have a dog named Arfo, I cannot remember what type of dog he is but his face is scrunched like a pug and he can barely see. They also have a cat named Cici, who is much older and doesn’t like Arfo.

Alicia and I helped Leonardo and Cosimo with their English which was very entertaining because our communication consisted of laughing at how bad we all were of speaking each others languages. Carolina spoke pretty good English, and thank goodness because she really helped us out!

The parents spoke very little English but enjoyed communicating with us in Italian and helping us with our Italian. For dinner, the mother made us pasta with egg and pancetta, which was really good! We also had pork, artichoke, arugala, bread, and cheese. For desert we had a pear cake, panetoni, and biscotti! The mother kept feeding us food and it was so hard to say no!

We left full and had such a great time! We go every week, so we are both excited to improve our Italian!


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