85 Cavour: The Florence Crib

I realized I have yet to introduce my hostel and roommates!

I live in 85 Cavour…it is a really creative pension name (it’s the address)! We live on the third floor, it is quite the hike, and I have yet to make it up without being out of breath.[Our building is the one in scafolding]

My roommates are Montana (GU, from Utah), Cassie (GU, Denver, CO), and Carly (LMU, Lafayette, CA). Our room has four small cots, and a shower…no toliet. [Sorry for the mess]


Our study room is very small, it also happens to be the room where we can sneak on to the hotel on the second floor’s wifi.

And our dining room is very tidy and cute. We all come here to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner Monday through Wednesday and breakfast and lunch on Thursdays (all provided for us).

There is no washer and dryer, we go down the street to clean our clothes. Happens about once a month because it’s expensive (10 euro)! We are all in the same boat so no one gets grossed out.


There is a cafe on the corner where cappuccinos are only 1,20 euro! And they have “to-go” cups!!


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