Wonderstruck in the Swiss Alps

For the weekend, I had the opportunity to visit Interlaken, Switzerland. The school plans a few weekend trips throughout the semester and this was one of them. We left on a bus at 4pm and got into Interlaken around 12:30am. The bus drivers here are required to have a thirty minute stop every two hours so it took us a lot longer than we would have wished it to be.

We stayed at the Backpacker’s Villa, which is a hostel. Yes, this was my first hostel experience, and thank goodness it was a clean one! We had four in a room, my roomies being Alicia (from LMU), Cami (a year student), and Cassie who is my roommate back in Florence. We actually had a bathroom in our room, but the showers were at the end of the hall.

The first day we had the option of basically anything, but instead of spending a lot of money, I went on a hike throughout the Swiss Alps! It was quite the adventure, and we expected to end up in Grindelwald, but it was Gimmelwall, the language barrier really got the best of us. We started by taking a bus to the Train station, a train to a small town where we got lunch, then trammed up the mountain where we took a train over to another town, where we then walked down to Gimmelwall. We then had to take another tram down the mountain, then bussed and trained to get back to the hostel. As I said, it was quite the adventure, and only CHF 30!

The next day the school had prepaid a trip to Bern. The city was named because of bears. It was a really cute town with shops and a little street market. They also had a Starbucks here, but it was so expensive we decided to skip it! It’s hard to spend more then 2 euro on coffee anymore when that’s how much it costs for a cappuccino in Italy! Instead we went and got Swiss chocolate!

We ended the day with night sledding. It was one of the coolest things I have ever done. We drove up a mountain where we then took a gondola up the mountain. There were no lights except for a flashing one around our neck in case we get lost. It was an hour sled ride all downhill and it was a workout too! We literally were all sweating by the end of it. All I can say is they take sledding to the next level in Switzerland! Fondue dinner followed sledding and it was pretty good! I was disappointed because I thought chocolate fondue would be included (this is what happens when you think it’s going to be like the Melting Pot).

I absolutely LOVE Switzerland though! I am going to come back one day when it is summertime!


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