Fun Cultural Differences

  • There is no tipping here! When it comes to splitting the bill up, it’s really easy!
  • You don’t just say “Ciao” to anyone on the street, people take that as hitting on them
  • Drink espresso standing up (they do have to go cups, but it’s rare to use them)!
  • Italians are very affectionate! There is always a couple committing wayyy to much PDA near the Duomo
  • Driving is a sport here! They all drive so crazy (Kate would fit in great)
  • If you are being loud, your neighbor has the right to call the police versus coming and telling you to be quiet
  • They drink luke warm whole milk
  • Italians don’t go out until 1:30am
  • Lunch is the biggest meal of the day…and Italians always serve pasta first

Today we bus to the Swiss Alps! I will keep you all posted!


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