The First Escape

I just got back from a visit to my ancestor’s home town: Lucca, Italy!
(I tried calling but couldn’t ever reach them…I plan on going back to see them)

I am about a 10 minute walk from the train station in Firenze. Me and four other of my friends, hoped on a 5,30 euro train to Lucca for the day. It was our first adventure on our own. We all had travel trauma nightmares before leaving. However, we made it there and back safe with the only issue being that we forgot to issue our train ticket before we got on the train.

When we arrived in Lucca, we were less then 10 minutes to the wall. Once inside, there was a antique sort of flea market going on. There were tents set up for days. We immediately were hungry and ended up at Osteria, which was the first restaurant that I opted out of pasta and into chicken and peas (it was amazing!)…I cannot gain the freshman fifteen again, aka the study abroad seventeen!

After lunch we decided to ride bikes around the city (2.6 miles) and detoured into the main amphitheater. Although it was cold it was so nice to get blood flowing and our bodies moving! It was definitely one of the best things I have done so far abroad.

On our way back we ended up meeting up with two other girls in the GIF program who are here for the year. They took us over to the BEST kabob restaurant in Firenze (and it’s open ALL night)! Let me tell you, these things have everything: chicken, lettuce, cabbage, hot sauce, french fries, onions, tomatoes, and more! It is going to be my Chipotle while I am here!

Also, on Friday night, my pension (85 Cavour) decided to have a group bonding dinner. So all 24 of us met up and walked to a restaurant called Tijuana. It’s a mexican restaurant in Firenze, and although it isn’t authentic, it was pretty good! It was also a really good break from all the pasta!

I feel like I can now get around Firenze, for the most part. I can navigate around the Duomo, to the train station, to Santa Croce, and our favorite restaurants. It’s so exciting! I still has yet to hit me I am living here, but I feel a sense of home towards my pension and Firenze!


2 thoughts on “The First Escape

  1. lornene says:

    The tents are in front of the hotel where Loretta and I stayed with Sue & Bruce. We had dinner there when you K’s, Nonie and I stayed in the Villla.

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