Best thing about Rome: the water. In Florence the water tastes like chlorine slash smells like gasoline. But in Rome, tap water is heavenly and as our tour guide said “fertile”.

First day, 1/5

Upon arriving in Florence, we dropped our bags off at Hotel Titsiano. I had a new roommate named Nicole for our visit. After settled in we walked to the Vatican where we had a tour of the Vatican museum, Sistine chapel, and the Vatican. It was beautiful, and the tour guide explained everything in more detail to us and it was really interesting information. Such as the story of Michelangelo and how he first painted, and that a Medici called him back to paint more in Rome. Also, Michelangelo gave Jesus a face in his paintings that was the first tangible face people saw and has stuck around until today.


Second day, 1/6

We woke up, enjoyed continental breakfast consisting of Nutella, toast, and ham. It was a very interesting combo.We then received Rome Passes and were allowed to explore. Our small group decided to head over to the Campo de Fiori festivale celebrating La Befana and the Epiphany. We met up with the entire group to visit the Borghese Gallery. The museum was interesting. Downstairs were all statues and upstairs were paintings. We didn’t have a tour guide, so I didn’t learn as much as I wish I would’ve.

For lunch we went to the HardRock Cafe…it was horrendous! Not that it was my choice to go here, but note to self: do not eat American food in Italy!

Third day, 1/7

Today was a free day!!  Our small group created our own tour of Rome. We walked to the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, and the Spanish Steps. We also stopped for lunch down an alley way. It was an adorable italian family with amazing italian food and wine. We also did some minor shopping. For dinner, the school took everyone to a restaurant that served nearly 30 different foods, starting with cheese and bread until we finished with dessert and limoncello! It was amazing but we were of course stuffed halfway through the meal!

Fourth day, 1/8

On Sunday we visited the Vatican again and were blessed by the Pope in St. Peter’s square. It was a beautiful sunny morning and we all enjoyed our last day in Rome before boarding a four-hour bus ride back home to Florence.


One thought on “Rome

  1. Mom says:

    How awesome of a trip! Do you remember the story of La Befana we would read every Christmas?

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