After a long 24 hour day of travel I have found my new home in Italy

Carly and I leaving SFO!

My flight left out of SFO on January 2, 2012 at 10:57am. I flew with a friend, Carly, thank goodness because it was quite a whirlwind of excitement, and if I were alone there would have been some tears. We had no idea there was a layover in Chicago, which ended in a ten minute layover, including us literally sprinting through tunnels, up and down staircases, and through tour groups, where we eventually made our flight AND beat our bags on to the plane!

The flight from Chicago to Munich was not a bad flight. If you want to enjoy a funny movie, I suggest Our Idiot Brother. The flight succeeded with a five-hour layover in Munich, however, we were able to hang out in the Italian flight area where we mingled with some locals. After butchering my italian to an elderly couple, we made a new friend from Turin (aka Torino), who gave us excellent advice on travel in Italy and Europe. She also offered to make us home-made gnocchi if we ever made it up to Turin.

The last leg of the trip was the most exciting. It was a 55 minute flight into Florence and it included a scenic view of the snow-covered Alps (Krambeck’s made a mistake not coming here) and the Tuscan country side. Our taxi ride was the scariest part of the trip so far, we literally almost took out a group of bikers and a few buses. Note: do not try to drive in Florence.

The pension that I am currently residing in is located a few blocks from school. I have three roommates and about 23 other study abroad students in our program. Upon moving in, I faced my fear of elevators, in this case a very small one with all of my luggage. However, we were greeted at the door by Renaldo, an elderly italian man (his daughter’s name is Laura), and another man whom I cannot remember his name, last name of Verducci, who owns the pension.

However, after twenty-four hours of travel, Carly and I took a walk down a few blocks to find ourselves eating prosciutto and formaggio pizza upon the steps of the Duomo and I can not be more excited to be enjoying such an amazing, once in a lifetime opportunity.


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